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Go like Silk

How to
flow in German

Go like Silk in 7 steps

Let go of grammar

Imagine: If someone says, Ich liebe dir!, would you say, Actually, you should have said “dich? You wouldn’t care about the grammar. What’s important is what it means to you. When we Go like Silk, we find what we want to say and then just say it. We don’t worry whether it’s die, der or das or whether it’s gehängt or gehangen. To share what we think with other people, we don’t need correct grammar. Just say what you mean. People will understand.

Love your accent

Some people think that having an accent is bad. Well, guess what? Everyone has an accent. Our accent is simply the way each of us speaks. And no language is spoken in the same way by everyone. There are as many accents as there are speakers. At the moment, there are millions of people who speak German around the world. And you are one of them. We all bring our own colour to the language rainbow. So, if someone says, Sie haben einen starken Akzent, Go like Silk and reply, Danke, mein Akzent ist wie ich.

German isn’t a foreign language

Es tut mir leid, Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache. That’s something we hear a lot. Maybe you’ve said it yourself a few times. But what’s the problem? Native speakers are people, too. They don’t always find the right words. It doesn’t matter if German isn’t your native language. It’s certainly not a foreign language for you. “Foreign” refers to something we don’t know. Go like Silk and be proud that you know German.

Have fun

We only speak now. There is no past tense in communication. Everything you say is said in the moment. And every moment is different. There are no rules. So let go and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to show anyone how good your German is. It’s not even about German. It’s about you. It’s about what you want to say. Just Go like Silk and say it. Whichever way you like.

Cooperation, not confrontation

Communication isn’t a power struggle. We don’t need to be better than anyone else. We don’t need winners and losers. We can all win. Confrontation means resistance. When we push against each other, we don’t get anywhere. Cooperation means working together. We give each other a hand. After all, we want to understand each other. When we Go like Silk, communication stops being a competition. And we all win.

Be yourself

Communication never happens on its own. It always happens between people. In fact, that’s what communicating means: relating to people. One of those people is you. There are lots of different ways we can relate. Everything we say could be said a million other ways. But only you speak your way. Without you, there is nobody who can say what you want to say. So why try to speak like somebody else? Speak like you, and you never go wrong. Go like Silk and flow whichever way you are.

Kindness Communication

Kindness means letting other people be themselves. And letting them see who we are, too. When we Go like Silk, we communicate with kindness. We don’t care about who’s getting things right or wrong. We care about the people, not the words. We listen to what people want to say, not the way they say it. Kindness Communication lets everyone speak the way they are. It’s that simple. And it works.

To be fluent means to flow.

Go like Silk